Sentient – Spearheading Globally Distributed Artificial Intelligence

“Data tends to be overrated and intelligence tends to be underrated,” said Antoine Blondeau, CEO of Sentient Technologies, speaking at CB Insights’ Innovation Summit. And we agree. Sentient Technologies LLC, develops software that helps enterprises in managing complex tasks and improving decision making. Aiming to …

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Top 6 Unique Marketing Applications of Virtual Reality

The latest technological innovation which has taken the marketers by storm is Virtual Reality. While still there are the plethora of applications of virtual reality in marketing unexplored some of the leaders have started using VR in unique ways. Below some of them are mentioned. …

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5 Top Companies Using AI to Diagnose Alzheimer’s

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have now become a crucial part of the upcoming technological industries helping to resolve many challenging health issues. Various types of AI techniques uses computer-aided diagnostic tools to detect Alzheimer’s disease beforehand, moreover if successful can reduce the cost needed for …

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Persado – Delivering Cognitive Content

Persado artificial intelligence image

Everyone is aware of the power of content to hold sway over users. Enter Persado’s ‘Cognitive Content’ – paving a path for the future where content is emotionally engaging, stimulating and inspiring, and action-filled like never before. Company Profile Corporate Structure: Private Company Website: Company …

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General Electric Invests Big in 3D Printing

GE Logo

General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) is world’s largest maker of jet engines and gas turbines. The company has reoriented its business around industrial manufacturing and complementary software, following moves to sell most of the finance and consumer-focused divisions. The company is making greater use of 3D …

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